PROGRAM 3/27/2022
3pm, First Universalist Church, Rochester, NY​​​​​​​
Luciano Berio: Sequenza X for Trumpet and Piano Resonance (17")
Toru Takemitsu: Paths (6")
Antoine Tisné: Emotion (20")
Program Notes
Sequenza X (1984): A tour de force for the trumpet, Sequenza X is the tenth piece in Luciano Berio's series of pieces for solo instruments. From Berio himself: "Transformation and the overcoming of idiomatic aspects of instruments are often intrinsic to my earlier Sequenzas. In Sequenza X, however, for trumpet in C and piano resonance, there are neither transformations nor ‘cosmetics’. The trumpet is used in a way that is natural and direct. Perhaps it is exactly this ‘nudity’ which makes Sequenza X the most ambitious of all the Sequenzas." Sequenza X explores the texture of sound that the trumpet is capable of, through use of extended technique. 
Paths (1994): A solo piece written for Håkan Hardenberger by Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu in memory of Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski. Paths is a conversation between two timbres of the instrument: the full open sound of the trumpet, and the soft "harmon" mute.
Emotion (1992): A piece in 20 movements, each corresponding to a line from David Niemann's poem "Emotion."
1. It was from her soft lift-off that my eyes followed her,
2. Suspending my glance on her turning hesitations...
3. She traced a thread in the space of the room,
4. Then rolling up, she dressed herself in a bubble.
5. Like an eye escaping from orbit, she hovered above things,
6. Light as a wish, vibrant as an emotion.
7. She floated purely from a void pondering entropy,
8. Slipping into the angles where masses melt.
9. Farther from my chair from which her wings had taken flight;
10. She smiled at me now and then, like a first encounter
11. Behaving like a woman seizing the instinct of man,
12. Spinning on her legs, enlivening her colors,
13. I let her go visit the premises,
14. These rooms smelled of the odor of the wax of my heart. 
15. I wanted her entirely free like an impossible dream,
16. To tell her to perfume to recesses of my doubts...
17. Then, through an opening in the air, she glided, toward me,
18. To listen to my exhalation, recovering breath...
19. My look caressed her fragile curve,
20.  A tear flooded me, and the bubble burst...
About Demian
Demian Spindler is a classical trumpeter, photographer and videographer. A three-time alumnus of the Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, Demian is especially interested in performing contemporary solo repertoire for the trumpet. After a multi-year hiatus from pursuing trumpet, Demian has re-entered the trumpet world, studying with James Thompson, Edward Carroll, and most recently, with Marco Blaauw in Cologne, Germany.​​​​​​​
Demian received his earlier musical training at the Eastman Community Music School through high school, where he was awarded the Director's award and a Diploma with Honors, and graduated from the University of Rochester in 2014 with degrees in mathematics and economics. Previous teachers include Wesley Nance, David Hickman, and Stephanie Richards.